The Classic Mother & Baby Company is an Irish Company, providing luxury Hospital Bag Bundles and Gift Sets to new and expectant mothers around the world.

Created by Mothers, for Mothers

Founded by school friends and mothers, Grace Quinn and Sarah Molony, the company began as a conversation on a weekend in France in 2018 and has been evolving ever since. It emerged on the simple premise to create a hospital bag experience which is equally emotional and exciting, as it is indulgent and hassle free. Due to demand the business expanded into curated Gift Sets for new mothers and babies and is known for its quality brands, unboxing experience and luxurious packaging. Rebranded in 2022 from it's original name, Mamas Hospital Bag, to better communicate the breadth of the business and it's refined vision for the future, it now trades as The Classic Mother & Baby Company.

What we believe

We believe women deserve to maintain a sense of self and indulge in a little luxury after welcoming a new baby. To us luxury means comfort and elegance. At a time in life where women deserve to feel at ease, introducing a little bit of luxury and therefore comfort, can only be a good thing!

Our bundles enhance the journey into motherhood by creating a hospital bag experience that lends ease and elegance to all women.

On A Mission

To provide expectant mothers with everything they need for their hospital stay

As mothers we experienced the excitement of getting ready to welcome a new baby and equally how little time you may have to prepare juggling work, life and family in the lead up. Having a pre-prepared hospital bag full of luxury brands is something we would have loved as an indulgent treat, whilst easing up our 'to-do' list!

To bring elegance, style and comfort to the hospital experience

We feel strongly that while the hospital may not be the most relaxing of places it is a time you deserve to feel the best you can, without compromising on quality and style. Often Mama can get forgotten in the excitement of a new baby so we want to make sure her hospital bag items bring her some sense of joy and comfort, despite the nature and necessity of some of them! Each item is carefully selected to balance comfort and functionality with quality and style, for both mother and baby.

To provide a luxury unboxing experience

Have you ever unwrapped a package which excited you as much, if not more, than the contents? It created a sense of occasion, built anticipation and made you feel pampered? That is exactly what we want to create for our customers. A luxury unboxing experience.

How We Do It

With so many amazing brands out there we are constantly testing and researching to make sure we feature only the best. We handpick our collection to ensure the highest standards for Mama and Baby, and only work with brands we know and trust.

Our stock is sourced predominantly at a negotiated rate lower than the retail price. This allows us to price our bundles at no more than what it would cost to put the bundle together yourself whilst including our signature box and packaging.

What we are committed to


We are aware of our potential for positive impact to create a more sustainable future for people and the planet. That is why we are committed to reducing our environmental footprint by buying and selling responsibly, with the help of our suppliers and customers.

In practice this means responsibly sourcing our products and packaging across the supply chain- something we do today and hope to build on even further. It is a journey we are committed to and we will continue to challenge ourselves to rethink areas of our business where we can reduce the impact on the environment.