Have you ever unwrapped a package which excited you as much, if not more, than the contents? It created a sense of occasion, built anticipation and made you feel pampered. That is exactly what we want to create for our customers. A Luxury Unboxing Experience matched with incredible brands.
 Receiving one of our boxes is the ultimate gift

We want to ensure receiving such a special product is an emotional, celebrated and exciting experience- fitting with this special chapter.

Our signature box is based on a Victorian hat-box design and a timeless keepsake, which can be used as a decorative piece or memory box for years to come. The 'unboxing experience' is however much more than opening a beautiful box.

It is a carefully thought-out journey across layers of elegant packaging, considered product presentation and meticulous attention to detail. Carefully designed to give the recipient a thrilling and personal experience.

Shop our collections and experience it for yourself.

To honour our resolution to operate sustainably and minimise waste, we have run down our stock of stationary and branded collateral over the past few months to a minimum, in anticipation of our rebrand. Therefore our new name and logo will feature on these items going forward, with the exception of our signature hat-boxes. These are each handmade and bought in bulk due to the lead-time required. We will continue to use the beautiful boxes we have in stock featuring our original Mamas Hospital Bag logo for the next few months- a collectors item!

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