Packing for a Caesarean Delivery - Mamas Hospital Bag Ireland

Packing for a Caesarean Delivery

If you are scheduled for a Caesarean delivery there are a few additional considerations and items you need to be aware of when packing your hospital bag. These items should be added to the traditional Hospital Bag Checklist.

Compare Hospital Bag Checklists in Irish Hospitals - Mamas Hospital Bag Ireland

Compare Hospital Bag Checklists in Irish Hospitals

Take the mystery out of what different hospitals require in the hospital bag for Mama-to-be and your new baby.
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Hospital Bag Checklist - Mamas Hospital Bag Ireland

Hospital Bag Checklist

A complete list of hospital bag essentials for mother and baby. These must-have essentials are relevant for all expectant mothers regardless of delivery type. We have also included a list of non-essential items you may want to consider packing depending on your preferences and birth plan.This guide has been compiled based on input from mothers across the UK and Ireland and our experience (4 babies between us).