Maternity active wear- an essential for every pregnant lady’s wardrobe. We believe it should not be at the expense of style, as undoubtedly you will spend a lot of time in it. At Mama’s Hospital Bag, we insist on stylish comfort and promise it is possible to feel glam in active wear! 

While some pregnant ladies can continue in their usual leggings for the first and even second trimester, others who suffer from nausea, may need to move to maternity and less restrictive clothes earlier on. Maternity leggings provide the extra benefits of having a thicker compression band and added back support, which can particularly help those carrying out more intensive workouts.

With the weather enticing us to be more active and a growing bump within the team, we wanted to provide a shortlist of stylish options which support a changing shape. Whether you are pregnant or post-partum, we have you covered!

Lululemon Align Collection

A firm favourite in the active wear category pre-pregnancy and while not strictly maternity wear, The Align Collection, powered by Nulu™ fabric, is so weightless and buttery soft, it stretches with your growing bump. Not all ladies will find these leggings comfortable right up until the 9 month mark but they definitely come into their own again post-partum. An option is to size-up one size for anyone who anticipates a bigger bump. For style inspo look no further than Irish model Vogue Williams, who has been known to step out in Lululemon leggings during pregnancy.

Prices from ~€100 including free shipping to Ireland 


Designed specifically for exercise in pregnancy. The FittaMamma range lends excellent support to the Mama who wants active wear that supports her during higher intensity exercise. We LOVE the leggings as not only can they be worn over or under the bump, but they support a postpartum body as it reshapes and resizes. A definite plus ladies! Additionally, for those of you who favour more intense workouts, leggings with inbuilt mesh are also available.

Active tops are available with special inbuilt support for those pregnant (think sports bra for your bump!) and this brand also sell nursing sports bras.

For leggings prices start at ~€60 including shipping to Ireland 

Seraphine Bamboo Maternity Leggings

A classic look with comfortable cotton. These leggings are for wearing over the bump and while they are high on comfort (which let's be honest is not to be under-estimated in pregnancy) they won't offer much in the way of support. However this well known maternity-wear and nursing brand also offer specific leisure wear in addition to cotton leggings. 

Navy blue Seraphine bamboo leggings available from €40 including shipping to Ireland

Natal Active Luxe Maternity Leggings

Leggings specifically designed to fit through every stage of pregnancy and also worn postnatally. Made with luxe, soft, wicking fabric, they can be worn both high and low waisted. True to size and with pockets- Vogue has also adorned these leggings during pregnancy. You can also match your leggings with the vitality sports (nursing bra) top for the ultimate workout look and support. They additionally offer nursing hoodies, t-shirts and other tops.

For leggings prices start from ~€72 including shipping to Ireland


Our top choice are the Lululemon Align leggings- perfect for moderate exercise, daily wear and the best part is in keeping with our ethos here at Mamas, they are investment leggings which will work with your bump and beyond. For higher intensity exercise, the Natal Active Luxe leggings get our vote.

Some top tips on exercise in pregnancy*:

  • If you have any existing medical conditions, always check with your doctor / midwife to determine what exercise is safe
  • It is recommended that we aim for 150 active minutes per week
  • Exercise during pregnancy has been linked with improved fitness, maintenance of weight gain, better sleep, help to prevent diabetes and helps to control blood pressure in pregnancy!
  • DO listen to your body and adapt as necessary and mind your precious bump!

 ~All exchange rates worked out as per sterling /euro conversion on 8/4/2021


April 10, 2021