Hello lovely ladies, 

One of the hardest things at present is being removed from good friends and family. We, like many of you, have good friends expecting babies this year. One in particular was due to have a baby shower a few weeks ago and we were determined she shouldn’t lose out on the opportunity to enjoy some celebratory fun with us before the arrival of her baba. So we set about throwing her a virtual baby shower, which she loved and so did we! Here is how we arranged our friend’s shower 

Choose a platform 

Many of us have become well versed in meeting friends virtually over the last few months. While regulations are different in different regions, many countries are allowing meet ups again but we in Ireland and in the UK are ever dependent on weather for bigger groups! For our baby shower, our friend preferred to stay ‘cocooned’ and so we asked her partner to attach the laptop via HDMI cable to their tv so she could sit back and relax and see everyone comfortably. Her sister joined her in her house and all of the other guests joined virtually. 

We choose Zoom as we had the most experience using this platform but whichever platform you are most comfortable with will work bar facetime, unless all of your participants have apple products. 

Choose a theme 

Our friend loves a bit of luxury (as do we). This became the theme of the day and didn’t create too much pressure for anyone attending. We had just the luxury gift in mind! To link in with this, we choose a common background which we sent to everyone 

Invites / Gift 

Our friend isn’t one for surprises, so she was aware of the shower (beware at present even if your mama-to-be loves a surprise, she may not be ready without prior notice to meet 20 people in their living room- allow them to put on some make-up, blow dry their hair etc. if they so choose). We asked her who she would like to invite and we organised it all via a ‘whatsapp’ group, including sending the zoom meeting invite.  

We asked for those who would like to contribute to the group gift to do so via paypal money pool which made things super handy. We sent the link via whatsapp and people contributed hassle free. Some people chose to use Revolut which was very easy too but we were conscious that not everyone had a Revolut account so wanted an option to suit all. A few participants chose to send their own gifts separately. 

Food & Drinks 

We love bubbles and generally our ‘baby showers’ in the past have been a meet up for afternoon tea in a nice hotel so we wanted to replicate this. We know some pregnant ladies might enjoy a small glass of champagne (please discuss with your obstetrician / midwife). Our friend has chosen not to take any alcohol so we arranged delivery of some San Pellegrino and Elderflower pressed juice along with fresh limes for her. We asked her husband to have the flutes ready. We arranged for delivery of some cute cupcakes also. 

Gift Delivery / Food / Drinks / Balloons 

We decided on the Combination Bundle (Queen Bee Collection) for our friend to allow for Mama pampering but also the cute baby outfits so required for a baby shower. We had the gift delivered just before the shower began. Our friend was ecstatic. Everyone had such fun as she really enjoyed the unboxing of the gift and the unraveling of the layers, much to our delight! The Unboxing Experience

Baby Shower Games 

Baby shower games may or may not be your thing but we decided to begin the shower with everyone giving a quick introduction of who they were and how they knew our Mama-to-be, as not everyone knew each other. We had flagged this on the ‘whatapp’ group earlier in the week as some people find being asked to speak on the spot daunting. We asked them to have a funny but friendly anecdote about our friend ready also. 

We decided on a fun quiz prior to the unboxing of the gift and we asked the two ‘Grannies-to-be’ for the answers in advance. We wrote the quiz on ‘Kahoot’ and it appeared on everyones zoom screen with interactive answering. Questions included: 

  • Who was the heavier baby? 
  • Who is older, mum or dad?! 
  • Click on the photos of Mama-to-be
  • Click on the photos of Dada-to-be
  • Who walked first?
  • Who was the better sleeper as a baby?
  • Whose first food was....?
  • Who took longer to potty train...?!

    Our Mama-to-be really enjoyed the shower and laughed a lot as did we. 

    Some top tips 

    • Set a time limit- we set a limit of 1.5 ours which was perfect.
    • Ensure the gift gets there on time.
    • Ensure the time suits your Mama-to-be. 
    • If anyone attending isn’t very tech savvy- suggest in advance that they can test the link / arrange to have someone help them set up. 
    • Pinterest have so many game ideas if you want to incorporate more into your shower. 
    • Enjoy! 

    We hope this is helpful.  


    Grace & Sarah xxx 


    June 22, 2020