We are excited to announce that as of July 2022 we have rebranded with a new name and logo. The company launched in 2018 as Mamas Hospital Bag Limited, and has significantly evolved and expanded ever since. As a result we felt our trading name needed to be refreshed to reflect this.
Our new name, The Classic Mother & Baby Company, better communicates the breadth of our business and it's refined vision for the future. It is business as usual and our commitment to deliver outstanding customer service, premium quality products and an unforgettable unboxing experience, as sustainably as possible, are still at the forefront of customer commitment.
To honour our resolution to operate sustainably and minimise waste, we have run down our stock of stationary and branded collateral over the past few months to a minimum. Therefore our new name and logo will feature on these items going forward, with the exception of our signature hat-boxes. These are each handmade and bought in bulk due to the lead-time required. We will continue to use the beautiful boxes we have in stock featuring our original Mamas Hospital Bag logo for the next few months- a collectors item!!
  • Mamas Hospital Bag Limited trading as The Classic Mother & Baby Company. As at July 2022.