Packing your Hospital Bag is a milestone in every pregnancy so congratulations if you have reached this stage! You are soon to meet your little one and no doubt juggling a ‘to-do’ list amongst feelings of excitement and exhaustion.

If you are scheduled for a Caesarean delivery (or 'C-Section' as it's more commonly known) there are a few additional considerations and items you need to be aware of when packing your hospital bag.

*Your stay in hospital is likely to be longer versus a vaginal birth. It can be up to 5 days so you will need to pack additional items in there are a few additional considerations and items you need to be aware of when packing your hospital bag.anticipation of that.

* Stretching and bending will be difficult in those first few day’s post-surgery so try and have all your necessities within easy reach of your bed.

*Lifting anything of significant weight, including your new baby, will be challenging initially. Make sure you have someone on hand to help lift luggage for example and help set you up in bed comfortably.

C-Section Specific Hospital Bag Items

  • High-waisted cotton knickers which will not rub your wound.  
  • Maternity pads are still needed, as just like a vaginal birth you will experience some bleeding. 
  • Baby wipes or face wipes to keep you feeling clean and fresh as you may not be able to get to the bathroom as easily post delivery. 
  • Comfortable nightdresses/sleepshirts or high-waisted pyjama bottoms. These are much more comfortable than dealing with elasticated pyjama bottoms near your wound. Explore our Mama Hospital Bags for some super soft loose-fitting options. 
  • Slip-on slippers or flip-flops that you do not need to bend down to put on. Make sure they have good grips to prevent slipping.
  • Unperfumed body wash
  • Comfy, loose clothing to wear home which again does not gather near your wound. Loose fitting dresses or high-waisted loungewear are ideal.
  • A feeding pillow to give you extra support across your stomach area during breastfeeding.
  • Peppermint tea can help to soothe the pain of trapped wind, which you may have after surgery.
  • Bendy straws as it may difficult for the first few days to sit up and drink. 

* These items should be added to the traditional Hospital Bag Checklist (link below) for those planning for a Caesarean delivery.

Even if you are planning a vaginal birth, it may be worth throwing a few extra items in, just in case you need an unplanned Caesarean (alternatively, have them ready at home where someone can deliver them into the hospital).

For those who want us to do the hard-work, then order one of our luxury pre-packed Hospital Bag Bundles which will be delivered right to you. Alternatively you can find the traditional Hospital Bag Checklist here, which includes both essential and non-essential items for labour and post delivery.  

No matter what sort of delivery you end up having, remember everyone’s experience and recovery is different, so try not to feel too daunted about what lies ahead. What you can be sure of however, is you are on the final stretch and newborn cuddles are not far away!

Love MHB xx

April 27, 2021